Into The Deep by Samantha Young

Into the Deep - Samantha Young

Overall, I thought this book was just ‘okay’. I had high hopes for this 2nd chance type of romance especially from Samantha Young. It started out strong and kind of dwindle after that.

I had several issues with the book.
For starters, it’s not a STANDALONE. There are no crazy cliffhangers but things definitely aren’t resolved. Quite honestly, I don’t think there was any reason to drag this story out.
2nd, Jake, the hero – was a total jackass! He was trying to have the best of both worlds. Come on now, he was supposedly still in love with Charley [the heroine/first love] yet he flaunted his relationship with Melissa around Charley. Why, string Melissa around if you’re still in love with someone else? Cuz’ he a jerk, that's why! He totally played both girls.
3rd: That frekin 2am shit [those who read the book, know what I’m talking about]; That is NOT okay. He knew he had to try and gain Charley’s trust back and he does that? Doesn’t even have the audacity to call her text her back.
4th: Charley seemed weak to me. She just stood there and let Jake trample all over her emotions. I wished she ended up with Lowe instead.