Fire Inside (Chaos, #2) - Kristen Ashley I was first introduced to Hopper ‘Hop’ Kincaid & Elaine ‘Lanie’ Heron in Motorcycle Man (Dream Man Series). Then, I saw glimpses of Hop & Lanie in OTW & I thought it was genius how some parts of Fire Inside were happening coincidently with OTW.

At first, to be honest, I didn’t think much of Hop especially after the whole alleged cheating on Mitzi with BeeBee (which by the way get explained).
But, Hop was more than meets the eye. He totally came out of left field and I must say, he probably is one of my favorite heroes from KA.

Lanie definitely piqued my interest in MM. Her unconditional love for Elliot & the sacrifices she made to be with him, made me want to know her story. Lanie was already damaged prior to Elliot due to her fathers’ affair and she ended up being broken after the whole Elliot incident. I felt for her, her pain, and her guilt although I always didn’t agree with her choices, I can see where her thought process was coming from. Hop was exactly what the doctor prescribed. He knew exactly how to handle, protect and care for her.

I think my all time favorite moment in the book was when “Hopper Kincaid, badass biker and hot guy, was going to sing and play with a rock band.” Talk about total swoon factor right there.

I loved how Fire Inside was solely based on Hop & Lanie’s characters. Although there’s drama going on with Chaos & Benito, their relationship took center stage throughout the book. This is definitely one of my favorites from KA. This is a MUST read.