Beauty from Surrender (Beauty, #2) - Georgia Cates Three months seemed to be a recurring the time frame.
Three months for Jack Henry to find Laurelyn. Three months until the end of her tour. I’m just glad that within all that time, they finally figured out how to be together.

But by the end, I realized I still felt unsettled like there were still some loose ends, for instance, the whole crazy Audrey situation. What the hell ever happened to her? After all her psycho-tendencies to get back Jack … then there’s nothing on her. POOF! She’s magically gone. I know he mentioned to Audrey that he loved & was planning on marrying Laurelyn, but come on, that never stopped Audrey before. And what was up with the whole Blake incident? She literally gets assaulted and almost raped and although she’s a little shaken up, I’m a little baffled about her behavior after. It’s almost like nothing ever happened. She’s pressing charges, has a restraining order and all is well in the world. That’s it? Really? I’m not sure what I was expecting to happen afterwards but I was hoping for some type of reaction, emotion about it or how about seeking some type of short term counseling? I saw more of a reaction from her when Jack was going to plunge her under water (in Beauty from Pain).

As much as I enjoyed seeing Jack & Laurelyn faced all their obstacles to finally get their HEA, I must say I was a little disappointed in this sequel. It was a good read, I just liked Beauty from Pain better.