Second Chance Boyfriend - Monica  Murphy
I originally wasn’t planning on reading the 2nd book but later decided to finish the series. The plot was fairly predictable like the first one. Predictability in the storyline usually doesn’t bother me as long as the plot and characters are well written. However, in this case, I just felt something was lacking. There were several secondary characters & subplots Adele’s ‘affair’ with Drew, Vanessa’s possibility of being Drew’s daughter, Colin (Fable’s boss) implied interest in Fable, Fable’s mom abandonmentthat didn't really go anywhere. I definitely see the potential of this making GREAT read, but it ended falling short for me. With so much going on, everything kind of ended in a rush. I didn’t get the closure I was hoping for.
With that being said, the connection and chemistry is definitely evident between Drew & Fable. I was happy to see them get their HEA after all they had to endure.