Consequences  - Aleatha Romig 4.5/5

HOLY SHIT!!!!! WTF did I just read? This book totally FUCKED with my mind.

I can't believe all the crap that happened ... I kept hoping that I frekin' imagined it all.
Fuckin' TONY RAWLINGS ... that crazy ass bastard, he's fuckin' CRAZY like INSANE CRAZY . He needs to be admitted to the psychiatric ward asap. He methodically planned everything down to the T! I mean, really? he did all that for revenge??? I couldn't believe that at one point I thought he was a tortured soul that could be healed. I guess I imagined that there was some good in him. Boy, was I wrong, I'm just as bad as Claire to have even think he could change.

I know TRUTH is out already, but I think I might just have to 'compartmentalize' all this info for awhile before I start the next book. I'm not sure my mind can handle whats to come.

Kudos to Aleatha Romig, you have successfully made me a fan =).

(sorry for the language, but I just needed to vent a little)