Iced by Karen Marie Moning

Iced (Fever, #6; Dani O'Malley, #1) - Karen Marie Moning

BR with Raquel & Danielle

It’s common knowledge that the Fever series is one of my all time favorite series. I pimp out the series to anyone and anywhere I can, seriously it’s that good. When the series ended, I was completely devastated and in a state of a major book hangover.

So when the news of Iced came about, I should have been elated, right? Well, I was until I heard from the grapevine that it was told completely in Dani’s POV. As a Barrons & Mac fan, I wasn’t that thrilled. I mean, the Fever series revolved around Barrons & Mac. In addition, Dani had her POV in a section of the series and quite honestly, I wasn’t a fan. Therefore, Iced remained shelved in my tbr for quite a long time.

Now, I’m kicking myself for not reading this sooner. How could I have doubted that KMM would have delivered once again an amazing story with Dani? Iced continues right were Shadowfever ends, and although it’s mainly told from Dani’s POV there are also other POVs such as Kat’s & Christian’s. So, without giving anything away, let me just say that this book is definitely worth the time and money to read. I’m highly anticipating 2014 for Burned to come out. I’m excited to see how everything all pans out.