Shooting Scars by Karina Halle

Shooting Scars - 'Karina Halle'

Shooting Scars picks up right where S&N ends. Right from the get go, you immediately find yourself completely engrossed into the story until you realized it's actually over, that's how intense and engaging it is.

Now, it's never been a secret that I'm a Javier fan; he completely intrigued me the moment he was mentioned in S&N & totally captured my heart in OES. But going into Shooting Scars, I jumped into this one with an open mind towards Camden, that maybe, just maybe he might be able to sway me to his side. Was he able to pull it off? Honestly, for me, he didn't. Now, now -- Camden fans, please don't exile me for that statement. I get his appeal, truly I do. He definitely changed and although at times I felt he was weak, he also stepped up to the plate when needed. Who knew he had it in him to be all badass? Through his POV, I ached for him. Poor guy, he’s been through so much pain and heartache. He sees the good in Ellie and loves her for all that she is, and I can't fault anyone who's rooting for him. However, for me, I just didn't feel the chemistry between him & Ellie. Who knows, maybe that'll change in the future.

As for Javier, he's no saint and never portrayed himself as such and I probably shouldn't forgive him as easily as I do. He's broken my heart twice already (once in OES & again in SS) but despite all that, I feel how deeply he cares and loves Ellie. Sure, he has a crazy way of showing it, but he's never been one to follow the 'norm'. Their chemistry is clearly apparent, that’s never been in question. As for the whole cheating incident, it gets revealed that he slept with that girl multiple times (*heartbreak) out of revenge. How could he, right? But in his defense, Ellie did the same exact thing; the only difference was that she fell for her mark. I can see how people view him as heartless, but how can someone supposedly so heartless care so much about his family & Ellie? He may not always show his emotions, but once in awhile, there are glimpses of his vulnerability and pain. Being left by Ellie wounded Javier more than he lets on. Overall, he may have gotten worse, he kills with no regard but is that really any surprise? Ellie knew who Javier was & what he did when she fell in love with him in OES. I know it sounds demented, maybe I have Stockholm Syndrome, but I definitely found myself liking him even more. Oh, how I would just kill for Javier’s POV.

As for Travis, Gus and the Watt family, there's definitely a lot more to the story that K. Halle let's on. Gus definitely has a bigger role to this series than I originally perceived. I’ve been left with more questions than answers to. I have my speculations but I guess I'll just have to wait until Bold Tricks

Bravo! Karina Halle.

Once again, you've completely blown me out of the water and left me with an ocean of conflicting emotions. I can't think of any other person who can make me a sobbing mess one minute and then turn me into a squealing fan girl with just a flick of a page. October can't come here fast enough.