Façade by Nyrae Dawn

Facade (Games, #2) - Nyrae Dawn

Two broken people whose lives are intertwined and connected through circumstance would seem like the perfect recipe for an angst driven love story, right? Unfortunately, it was all just a façade.
A tragic past links Delaney and Adrian together. These two characters are as broken as they come. With all their demons being laid out for the reader, but not to each other, it got depressing and honestly, boring. After the loooooonnnnnnng dragged out build up for the big reveal, there was nothing but disappointment. The ‘supposedly’ twist in the storyline was no big shocker as it was quite predictable. As the majority of the story depicted how damaged these two characters were. It was frustrating to see how rushed everything ended. It would have been good to see their road to recovery.
For the most part, the story seemed to go at such a slow pace that it barely held my interest. By the time the story picked up, sadly to say it was just too late to change my opinion.

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