Nocturne by Andrea Randall & Charles Sheehan-Miles

Nocturne - Andrea Randall, Charles Sheehan-Miles

Nocturne is an emotional yet engaging story about forbidden love between Gregory & Savannah written by Andrea Randall & Charles Sheehan-Miles. Sometimes when authors collaborate their writing style don’t always gel together. This is not the case for Nocturne. For a story written by two authors, the writing was seamless and flowed effortlessly.

For writing style alone, I would give Nocturne “5 musical stars”

But plot wise, I couldn't give it more than 3 stars. Gregory’s constant indecisiveness & lack of strength to fight for what he wants made me question his age and maturity time and time again. For me, this book was 90-95% filled with angst ending with little resolution. Quite honestly, after all that, I felt a little cheated in the end.