Maybe This Time by Chantal Fernando


Uh, Maybe not.

Don’t get me wrong. I love a badass alpha male. But there’s a difference between ‘alpha’ and plain ‘asshole’. For me, Reid was the latter. I firmly believe that Katy Perry’s song “Hot N Cold” was solely inspired by him.



Besides that fact that I didn’t care for Reid, the overall story seemed all over the place. There were several inconsistencies and contradictions that at the end of it all, my head started to hurt.



For instance, the story starts off and drags on about this ‘secret’ that they can’t tell Summer although it supposedly places her in danger. It’s initially known that Jack, her father is the one who wants to keep her in the dark. Then later, once it’s all out. It’s stated that Reid was the one who didn’t want her to know. Huh????


Then there’s the fact that Jack & Xander, her brother act extremely protective of her.
“Don’t get me wrong, he hurts you, and he’s dead.”
Yet, even though Reid treats her like shit and completely breaks her heart. They don’t do anything about it. 


And I can just go on and on about the rest …

(show spoiler)



The 2 stars were mainly for the supporting characters which I enjoyed. But as much I liked them, I won’t be continuing this series.